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Independent Press

Est. 2019 - Newcastle/London


DANCING BEAR BOOKS is an independent press based in the UK. We were founded on the basis that we believe everyone should be able to tell and read their stories. We want to fill bookshelves with tales we believe are missing from literature today. 


Creating a space for diverse voices and stories has never been more important. Nobody should be made to feel as if the space they take up in the world is wasted on them, we want our books to be a proud coat of arms that carves out room for those voices. 

Editorial Director


KRISTEL has spent the last few years culminating her vast array of creative industry experience to tutor young people in the art of literature and performance. She has a first-class degree from Newcastle University and is a published writer. 

"It either has all the bells and whistles, grinning cats, rivers of gold, and walking forests. Or, it tells the story of a mundane, everyday event, so much so that each intricacy of the lives on the page become heightened." 

Creative Director

Design, Marketing & Book Production



LUCY ROSE is an award-winning screenwriter/director and a published writer with a first-class degree from Northumbria University. She is currently studying a masters degree whilst continuing her vocational career in film and literature. 

"I have a particular fondness for character-driven, reflective pieces and particularly look for work that shows empathy and an understanding of the human condition. Above all, authenticity, intimacy and transparency is what I look for in work."

Digital Media Strategist

& Social Media Manager


JOSIE has worked in digital media for two years after completing a first-class degree in Drama and Scriptwriting. She is currently studying an MSc in International Marketing and Digital Marketing and working part-time freelance.

"I particularly enjoy stories that tell of the fantastical, whether that’s a dragon guarding it’s horde or the magic of real everyday love. Quest driven adventures are fun but what matters most to me are personal journeys and relationships they build."