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I’m a bookseller with access to the national/international distribution network, how can I purchase books? 

Buying books in bulk or within literary trade get a discount on their orders - please get in touch with us via hello@dancingbearbooks.co.uk. Alternatively, you may get a better deal from a reseller.  We are working with a wholesaler, Gardners, to spread the book far and wide and offer a 30% wholesaler discount for a minimum order of 15 units. Please subject your email as FAO: Orders.

How are payments/bulk orders handled? 

We're happy for you to order bulk stock directly, please contact us at hello@dancingbearbooks.co.uk and subject with the following: FAO: Orders. We offer a discount depending on the number of units bought. 



How do I apply for a job/work experience with you? 

If we have vacancies, they will be posted to social media. We're a young company and so most of our jobs will be freelance positions. We won't be employing anyone for the foreseeable future.  For work experience or freelance portfolios, please feel free to drop us an email, please subject the email: FAO: Careers

Can I submit work without an agent?

Yes absolutely, we welcome work from both represented and unrepresented writers. We understand that getting an agent can be a matter of luck and not always comment on the work and so we are open to all writers - represented or not. 


Are authors paid for their work?

Yes! Depending on the project, rates vary. Unlike a few independent presses, we do offer a small advance for manuscripts against royalties, rather than just royalties alone.  For short stories, we pay a one time fee. With anthologies, as there are so many writers, it's not possible to give royalties to each writer and break-even on top of that. This cost is dependant on the project budget. We are a brand new press and so our rates will be significantly less than esteemed/non-independent publishers.

Do authors retain the copyright for their work?

We operate under a licence within the contract whereby, broadly speaking, we would have exclusive rights to publish the work. We offer to enter into a standard form of author's agreement with the author for any given publication of Manuscript or short story. One of our standard terms is the grant to us of exclusive, worldwide rights in all languages in print and audio. Author's will always retain the copyright for their work. With that being said, our contracts are open to negotiation. 


What’s your mission goal? 

We aim to publish work inspired by fairytales and fantasy both YA and otherwise. We are also looking for diversity in our submissions. We are committed to making fantasy and fairytale books a more diverse space for BAME, working-class and LGBT writers, characters and stories. Although please don’t be put off submitting to us if you feel your manuscript doesn’t explore these topics because we do consider all work sent to us.

We're a brand-spanking-new company with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy. We're happy to work with new and seasoned writers alike. If you are looking to work with a more established company, this may not be the forever home for your work. All we can promise is to try and do right by our mission goals of promoting diversity and to respect your writing.