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Get to Know Lucy

Dancing Bear Books was co-founded by Lucy Rose! Want to know more? Keep reading!

We asked Lucy about her vocational history and how Dancing Bear Books came about...

I grew up in rural Cumbria, and ultimately, that is where my love of fairy tales and folklore came from. The fells, the giants, the witches and the fairies are such an integral part of Cumbrian life and it certainly inspired a love of fairy tales in me. I left home quite young to go study my A levels/Diploma and then went on to get a first-class degree in Film Production where I specialised my studies in story and screenwriting.

As I came out of my degree, I worked with various high brow production companies, including ITV studios and continued my award-winning independent career as a writer/director. I then took a period of retreat to focus my studies on the core of stories and hit the books. During this time I was published a few dozen times through various online outlets and in print but there was one thing that still left me irked. Representation is an issue close to my heart and I got together with my long-time creative partner, Kristel, to found Dancing Bear Books with the ambition of printing more diverse stories and books.

We also asked her about her favourite book - as with all bookish people, this one took a long time to answer! THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS!

A difficult question, but one easily answered. My all-time favourite book is Haunting of Hill House by the one and only Shirley Jackson. I also love The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. These books, for me, encompass everything I love about the literary arts. They are thought-provoking, grounded, elegant and poetic whilst maintaining a sense of complete reality. Particularly the prose of Shirley Jackson has been monumental to me as a creative and as a person. It's just such a fantastic conceit and coupled with such fleshed-out characters, it really is the creme de la creme of literature.

We also wanted to know how she organised her bookshelf....

It totally depends on how I'm feeling. Every couple of weeks I'll have a reshuffle and a little day with my books to make sure they're doing well. Currently, they are in order of colour but I think I'll be switching back to organisation by genre.

Here is Lucy's favourite book meme!

Another important question, we asked who Lucy's favourite Author is!

SHIRLEY JACKSON! Anyone who has met me in real life is seriously sick of me talking about her because I honestly don't stop. There is an elegance and poise to her work that she effortlessly pulls off whilst discussing ugly, weird, curious and wicked. She talks about a side to human nature that people normally don't like to discuss whilst dressing it up with raw but simple poetry. It's just....well, it's just perfect.

Favourite Bookshop?

This is a toughy. There aren't many indie bookshops in Newcastle. I have visited the Keel Row Bookshop once and loved it but I mostly shop from my local Oxfam for books. I also love the little bookshops that I grew up around in Cumbria and would visit regularly.

Lucy let us know which bookish places she's visited and loved!

Chatsworth House. There is a rich history and it has been used as the shooting location for various classic literary masterpieces in their cinematic adaptations. Going there is a special experience because you can feel the history and the drama dripping off the walls. It's beautiful.

One last question: Lucy, are you excited for what is to come?

More than ever. We have some incredibly exciting plans and projects up our sleeves. I want to spend my life just consumed by stories and so working with such an incredible and bookish team is just a dream come true.